“Kelley is an experienced field sales executive, with a proven track record of driving sales and adding revenue to the company's bottom line by engaging in effective sales strategies and outstanding customer service. Kelley and I worked as a very effective team at David Yurman. We were creative and strategic in planning key businesses to explode, and collaberated to achieve positive results. Kelley is adept at being able to listen to all aspects of a challenging business, and effectively put plans in place to create action and results. A business would benefit from Kelley's experience and expertise!”
-- Nanci Kirczow, Director of Sales Support & Administration, David Yurman

“Kelly is a very impressive sales manager. At David Yurman she was able to juggle many different tasks and ran a very tight ship. She was always always focused on the business. Kelly was also someone that you could speak to and discuss ideas about growing your business. Kelly was supportive, motivational,and always eager to help.”
-- Jeff Koch, EVP, Richline Designs

“At David Yurman Kelley forged strong relationships and managed every detail of the brand. She had an amaing ability to stay focused and proactive in a very trying climate. Anyone would be lucky to have Kelley on their sales force.”
-- Cathy Marsh, Sales Director, David Yurman

I have known Kelly for a number of years. Both as a fellow associate at David Yurman and as a friend. I have traveled her territory and know that she is very well respected. She has earned her reputation through hard work consistent with her attitude and skills. I would be proud to have Kelly as a part of my team.”
--Mark Taylor, EVP Sales, Scott Kay Inc